Let us introduce you to our band, Kickstand Jenny. We are a 4 piece rock group with inspiration coming from all genres of music. From Van Halen to Prince, we have been inspired from all the good stuff, forming our diverse original music. Formed in 2015, Kickstand Jenny quickly gathered a following and knew we had something good going on. After a chance meeting with a top producer/songwriter, Chas Sandford, we were suddenly writing songs for a new album. Within a few months, we were in Nashville recording our first CD, "Best of, Vol. 1" The album has enjoyed success worldwide with multiple radio stations picking it up, and has enjoyed good sales figures on i-Tunes and streaming on Spotify.. Also winning multiple Beachcomber Music Awards including song of the year for "Why" and album of the year. The success of our music has allowed us to play with some of our idols, including Slaughter, Living Colour, Sebastian Bach, L.A. Guns sand LIT. We are currently working on our next CD, and hope to have it released by the first of the year.. 
The band consists of Charlie Estes (Kentucky) on lead vocals, Preston Morelock (Tennessee) on guitar, Chris McComus (Florida) on bass and AJ Sipos (Florida) on drums. 

Thanks for the interest in our band and please check us out and follow us on any of our social media sites. We will see you on the road!