This album covers multiple genres, from rock ‘n’ roll to grunge, then a little punk and even tasty country. If you like an album composed of songs that include ballads along with fantastic vocals and music, then you will want to add Between The Lies to your collection.” - Lee Ann Flynn

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When I first heard the song, "One More Day", It gave me the feel of Country Rock, but at the same time, it's not Country Rock. It's got a total feel of Bon Jovi. I just remembered that (Bon Jovi) music video, when I heard this song. it was just sing along, sort of stadium rock feel. I love it. It's really cool!” - Oliver Sean


Preston is a great songwriter and the more I listen to Between The Lies the more I notice how much I appreciate his ability to write ballads while making the mood, emotion, and music sound distinguished from one song to the next” - Lee Ann Flynn

Shutter 16 Magazine

‘Tonight’ has all the hallmarks a good, loud (and brash), but still melody-laden song should have, and the band’s very tight playing just underlines the point. ” - Ljubinko Zivkovic

Rock at Night

Kickstand Jenny recently finished up on a concept album about the death and rebirth of a soul entitled Between The Lines. That sounds like pretty deep stuff but I found the music to be accessible and easy to appreciate. There are a lot of palatable rock songs here that you might find yourself playing on repeat. I loved the album. The production, delivery and songwriting came together to create a stellar album.” - Jamie Funk

Pitch Perfect

Surging with dense energy atop a compelling rhythm, “Solo” pumps out intoxicating layers of wickedly muscular alt-rock oomph.” - Randall Radic

This band is seriously ready to take on the world with their awesome music.” - AVA Live Radio

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""Tonight" is a beautiful, rhythmic and powerful rock song"” - Kol Hashfela

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""Tonight" is a well made track with some nice modern sounds coming through"” - The Sound Lab

The Sound Lab

Right when you hit play, you’ll be bombarded by Kickstand Jenny’s revved and bombastic sound. You can definitely tell they throw their all into their songs as the high-tail energy is definitely palpable.” - My Nguyen